Membership Benefits

Garden club members

Why join a garden club?

Because…It is a great place to meet and get to know others within your community who share your love of gardening and the environment.

Daffodils Meredith Nh

Join to learn something new! Join for the chance to get out and do something for; yourself, your friends, your community! Join for the fun of it!

Floral planning, garden activities

Whether you are a passionate gardener or interested in adding to your gardening experiences, this friendly group will welcome you.

We welcome members at every level of skill and knowledge, and provide great opportunities to gain new experiences. What you learn will benefit you personally, your community and your future.

The Community Garden Club of Meredith meets the third Thursday from

 March through October.

The full schedule is listed on our Event & News page.  Monthly programs provide continuing education, hands on workshops and demonstrations on a wide range of topics related to horticulture and environmental education presented by experts in their fields of study.